South Asia / Education / 2+ years / Job ID: 1389

The school touches the lives of young people from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life who come to this place to live and learn together. Based on a broad, challenging and holistic educational programme, the school develops young people who become confident individuals, effective leaders, successful learners and responsible global citizens.

DP Biology and MYP Integrated Science: The school is seeking a dynamic and experienced teacher who is capable of teaching DP Biology and MYP Integrated Science with a February 2019 start date. IB experience preferred. This is a full-time position at Asia’s oldest international residential school. The school is a leader in providing experiential and holistic education to children from around the world. Additional leadership responsibilities may be available.

The school is looking for committed people to work with them using their skills and professions. They are looking for qualified people with experience in their specific fields.
Skills and Qualifications Required: A Bachelors or Masters/Doctoral degree from an accredited institution in Biology /Science and/or in Education, valid Certification(s)/ Teaching License in Science, at least 3-5 years’ full-time teaching experience in the relevant subject area, fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English, good computer skills, and proven ability to work effectively in a team. International experience in a multi‐cultural environment is desirable.

Community Centre Volunteer

Arab World / Community Development / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1506

Our work involves improving the lives of locals, including refugees and vulnerable nationals. We provide vocational skills such as hairdressing and literacy to create empowerment and self-sufficiency. We also offer counseling and lectures to equip beneficiaries with coping mechanisms to deal with stress and for the integration of refugees into the host community. We would like to begin providing vocational skills for men also.

Our mission is to provide a safe community, equipping through education, counseling and mutual support. We welcome volunteers who can pass on skills such as English teaching and handcrafts. Other classes offered by the centre include gardening, aerobics and soap-making.

We need empathic people with a servant heart. You need flexibility, a love for people, and a desire to share Christ in word and deed.

English language teaching

South East Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Elective / Job ID: 1572

Various language centres are looking for English teachers.

English language learning is in very high demand in this country, both for children and adults. Charges range upwards from $25/hour for private tuition. There are many language education centres but also opportunity to pursue private, freelance English language tuition and consultation.

CELTA or other professional qualification in teaching/ English teaching makes entry into this country much easier. Personal flexibility is paramount and a willingness to learn and develop a love and heart for the people of this amazing country.

Medical Services (all types)

South East Asia / Medical / Health / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1367

This charitable organisation works primarily in healthcare but also in other areas for the development of society. It exists to promote the health and welfare of the local people. It aims to maintain the quality of life and the environment through healthcare and educational activities.

There are opportunities to become part of an NGO that provides, among other things, medical support, care and life skills training at a male drug rehabilitation centre, and medical support at a care centre for disabled children. Addicts and prostitutes who have come to know Jesus need psychological support, counselling and medical advice. Although medical, educational and project management skills are particularly useful, the heart and passion of any potential partner is key.

Applicants should have a heart to bless the people of this region, and a willingness to serve Father in unexpected ways. Although some medical and counselling skills are required, a heart to serve with God for building His Kingdom is definitely needed. Good relationship skills are essential.

Education Services (All Types)

South East Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1378

This charitable organisation works in education and healthcare for the development of society. It aims to maintain the quality of life and the environment through healthcare and educational activities. It is now clear that education in all areas of life is the primary need and opportunity in the province, from English language and vocational and life skills to medical education and advice.

The NGO has recently developed an open, honest relationship with the provincial government. There is now an opportunity to develop an “English Centre” for training and English language. Native English speakers are needed to provide language teaching/support and others with skills are needed to give training in English (e.g. IT, vocational skills, etc., depending on the skills offered by potential applicants).

Applicants should have a heart to bless the people of this region, and a willingness to serve Father in unexpected ways. Although educational qualifications (e.g. CELTA, TESOL, etc.) are required for the English teaching, other qualifications and skills will be needed for other types of training (e.g. IT skills, manual and vocational skills etc.) However, a heart to serve with God for building His Kingdom is primary. Good relationship skills are essential.


Arab World / Medical / Health / 2+ years / Job ID: 740

A Christian hospital with a new building opening in 2012, urgently needs nurses and midwives.

At least 2 years of recent experience and an appropriate license in the current country of practice are required.

University Faculty

Arab World / Education / 2+ years / Job ID: 774

This is a new university founded in 2009 in a city of approximately 73,000.

Faculty positions are open for English, Business, Nursing, Pharmacy, Optometry and Engineering. A Master’s degree and above is preferred.

English and Science teachers

Arab World / Education / 2+ years / Job ID: 1259

A private, non-profit school with faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds serves a multi-cultural mix of students. It is committed to helping students grow to be strong and sensitive members of their family, their community and the world in which they live.

We need teachers for Elementary and High School English, High School Science –Biology, and High School Science –Chemistry.

A BA/BS degree in the relevant subject area is required and also a degree or certificate in education. Candidates should be flexible, passionate about the success of their students, and have solid classroom management skills.

Manufacturing Consultant

South Asia / Business / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1548

The business is based in Asia and supplies a small number of international customers. The business is mission led at its core. It exists to make a difference in the lives of its local community and currently employs 150 people in secure, upskilling jobs. The business achieved a turnover of £1m in 2018. Within 10 years we aspire to build a business with revenues of over £7m, employing 1,000 people and being recognised as world class both in terms of commercial success and creating positive wholistic impact.

You will play a key role in building the capacity of both the local leadership team and building the manufacturing systems and processes too, using best practice methods (LEAN, Kaizen, 6-Sigma etc.). This is a fixed term role and the focus is on strengthening the national leadership team. You will have succeeded in the role if, over time, the local leadership team are equipped and empowered to run a strong operations function themselves, with manufacturing processes in place to an international standard.

Have a minimum of 5 years’ work experience within a manufacturing environment. Be familiar with best practice tools. Be commercially minded with strong analytical skills. Have a track record of getting things done and of continuous improvement. Thrive working in cross-cultural contexts and ideally have some previous cross-cultural experience. Have a good relevant degree or professional qualification; equivalent experience will be considered. Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Have leadership qualities and be capable of taking ownership of new projects.

Production Manager

South Asia / Business / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1568

At our company we are passionate to create employment for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Through our non-profit affiliate we provide a path to employment to ensure that women and children never face the threat of human trafficking again. Our company provides safe and secure employment, on-site daycare facilities, and wrap-around support allowing each woman to build a bright future for herself and her children. Every day we observe the transforming power of hope and love through employment. We are inviting someone with strong management and training skills to grow and improve our production in order to provide more opportunities of freedom and hope to women and children.

The production manager oversees all production, quality control, policies and procedures. Responsibilities include analyzing and improving production systems, ideally using LEAN practices; improving sourcing of materials and inventory systems; training and supporting administrative and supervisory staff; developing training materials and training curriculum using Training Within Industry techniques; exploring ways training strategies can increase success of vulnerable women healing from trauma and how these techniques can be applied in other businesses; overseeing training programmes throughout our company and partner training programmes using Training Within Industry and Toyota Kata techniques; helping promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale; helping develop strategies to train and employ as many survivors and at-risk women as possible; and building alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Required experience and skills include a Bachelor’s degree in operations management or related field; training and experience in LEAN production and TWI techniques (a willingness to study and learn can be substituted); understanding of sewing, both machine and hand; the ability to work well as part of a team, to encourage others and build others’ skills; resourcefulness and strong administrative skills; a strong commitment to developing opportunities for previously exploited women. Experience of cross-cultural living would be helpful.