Teacher (all subjects)

Duration12-23 months
Job ID1749
Date23 May, 2023

The school was founded in 2009. Our vision is to provide a low-cost high-quality international-based education primarily for foreign families. The school received a licence to educate students in English Mathematics Social Studies Science Russian Physical Education Art and Music in 2009 and renewed it in 2020. We seek to provide an internationally diverse education that prepares students for further study in their home country or elsewhere.

The school is seeking an English-speaking teacher for all subjects for grades 1-9 who is willing to learn the local language in order to build good relationships with local people. Teaching takes place in English.

Candidates need to be flexible and reasonably independent. We look for someone who is committed and can provide a warm atmosphere for children someone who treats others with consideration honour and dignity someone who acts according to moral and ethical principles and ensures consistency between speech and action and someone who appreciates the uniqueness of people cultures work styles and talents.

Interserve is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children.

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