Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 1507

A non-profit organization where expatriate professionals serve in partnership with local staff to build capacity in the sectors of health and development working together in hope for the welfare of the people of the country.

To invest in the lives of expatriate children by carrying out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require and in accordance with the programs policies under the direction of the Principal or Program Manager. In doing so we aim to meet the needs of expatriate children and support parents in their desire to serve the local people.

This person will be a qualified experienced teacher with cross-cultural experience. S/He has a living dynamic Christian faith and a caring servant heart. S/He is willing to learn willing to teach multi-grade classes and is able to work independently. S/He relates and communicates well with children and parents is flexible and creative and is able to work harmoniously in teams comprising different nationalities.

Language and Culture Learning

Central Asia / Education / 2+ years / Job ID: 1538

A non-profit organization where expatriate professionals serve in partnership with local staff to build capacity in the sectors of health and development working together in hope for the welfare of the people of the country.

To manage and oversee the Language and Culture Program (LCP) of the organization countrywide and to help team members and other expatriates to learn the language and culture. The work will include liaising with area LCP administrators supporting LCP students and staff and managing the LCP planning reporting budgeting and statistics. S/He will ensure the development and production of material for language learning and cultural orientation together with LCP consultant and teachers organize initial and on-going teacher training organize Orientation Courses select new staff as needed and ensure security and safety measures are carried out in accordance with policies.

This person will have a willingness to learn a local language. It is recommended that s/he will have training in language learning methods (GPA included). S/He will have good administrative and organisational skills and leadership and management abilities S/He needs a good command of English and experience in language teaching is desirable.

EFL Teacher

Central Asia / Education / 1-11 months / Job ID: 1539

A non-profit organization where expatriate professionals serve in partnership with local staff to build capacity in the sectors of health and development working together in hope for the welfare of the people of the country.

The appointed teacher will teach English to local people at a variety of intermediate and advanced levels. This involves reading writing listening and speaking. It includes preparing tests/syllabi/assignments and daily lessons based on the curriculum we provide.

This person preferably will be a native English speaker and be a trained teacher or TEFL teacher or have teaching experience. S/he needs to be hard working flexible good with people and have a good sense of humour with strong communication skills. In this environment the person needs to be adaptable to change and calm under pressure. S/He should be willing to learn the local language(s) and be spiritually mature and committed to Christian unity in diversity.

Early Childhood teacher

Arab World / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1592

Established in 2015 the Centre is a holistic response to the unique challenges faced by the most-at-risk communities. At the Centre we provide a safe space for women to come together to learn grow and share their experiences making our work essential to the local community. An average of 700-1000 visits are made to the centre every month. The programs and safe space that we offer make a difference to each and every one.

Our work involves improving the lives of locals including refugees and vulnerable nationals. Our mission is to provide a safe community equipping through education counseling and mutual support. We operate an informal pre-kindergarten to prepare children for the classroom environment and are in urgent need of Early Childhood teachers to train our local staff.

Good English skills and relevant qualifications and experience in the field are needed. Some Arabic is vital. We need empathic people with a servant heart. You need flexibility a love for people and a desire to share Christ in word and deed.

Special Needs teacher

Arab World / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1593

In September 2017 the Centre received funding to begin a Special Education Program in the Kindergarten. We decided to name our program in honor of a former student who was a pioneer in our efforts in working with special needs children. We have served eight children by providing them with basic education from a qualified special education teacher and assistant. Two of these children have now graduated and been able to start attending public school. Before enrolling in this program all the beneficiary children were out of school.

These children (ages 4-6) receive plenty of individual attention from their teachers which allows them to thrive in their learning environment. They are provided with a healthy breakfast each day receive behavioral support follow an exercise routine and learn about hygienic practices such as how to brush their teeth. We plan on incorporating some educational toys and games to give the children more of a Montessori approach at learning. We also plan to assist each child in keeping a notebook which will help them and their parents to track and support their learning progress. The Special Needs Team also wants to place more of a focus on communicating with parents and having frequent meetings with them so that they will better understand how to assist their children at home.

We welcome people who can train our teachers in further Special Needs Education. Good English skills and relevant experience and qualifications in their field are needed. Some Arabic is vital. We need empathic people with a servant heart. You need flexibility a love for people and a desire to share Christ in word and deed.

Learning from women

We sat around her table, overlooking the valley down to the city. The table was covered in papers and we frequently reached for our phones to record things that struck us as together we wrestled with the issues.

My friend is a follower of Jesus from another religious background, and she continues to identify both as a member of that community and as a follower of Jesus. I had given a paper at a conference on the role of patronage in discipling women followers of Jesus from Muslim backgrounds. I had learned a lot from her when she explained how her community operates and women’s roles within it. I was aware that my paper had some under-developed areas. Now we were talking through what it would look like to have a book that pulled apart the topic and added to it, and how we could do this together. I am both a learner and a facilitator in this ongoing process.

Research and writing had not really been on my agenda as a young cross-cultural worker. I was by nature an activist but when I did my PhD I found new doors opened for conversations that brought together my activism and my love of research.

I was researching the role of women in social change, and was invited to attend a women’s rally. As we gathered at the start of the rally, I found myself standing by Mukhtar Mai, who had been the subject of international media attention after the local village council ordered her rape as punishment for an alleged crime by her brother. How would I, as a follower of Jesus, have a meaningful conversation with this woman? I knew she would wonder if I were just another foreigner looking for a way to use her for my story. As we talked, I wanted to know about her, not just the story that was already in the media. We stepped back from the noise and in a quiet voice she talked about her family and the girls in her village, whom she passionately wanted to protect.

I walked through the march, talking to women and asking them about their hopes and dreams in participating in such a rally, seeking to understand what change would mean for them. I thought of the stories of Jesus’ interactions with women that could be shared. This has helped me think through the work of the When Women Speak … network in training and equipping women to reach Muslim women.

Research and writing has now become a core part of my cross-cultural work: facilitating and publishing collaborative research and writing by women, including those who follow Jesus from Islam, to help the church understand how women experience faith; training the church in other places with higher education qualifications so it can be an articulate participant in transformation in its community; encouraging reflective practice among women mission practitioners through online courses; and forming a platform for women’s cross-cultural mission research at the Australian College of Theology.

Research and writing enables me to participate in new ways in God’s great work of reaching the nations.

Cathy has served with Interserve for over 30 years, working with women in the Muslim world. She now leads When Women Speak…

Village to the city and back again

“You can’t think of teaching as a job. You have to think of it as a vocation.” It was very sage advice that I received in my first year of teaching and it still guides me to this day.

In Australia, my favourite subject to teach was Year 11 Ethics. I loved challenging my students to think for themselves – to reflect on their values and the kinds of people they wanted to be. I loved tapping into their idealism and their belief that we can make a difference in the world.

Four years later, holding tight to the side of the Jeep as it jostled and swayed over the rugged hillsides of Central Asia, I couldn’t help thinking that I was literally half a world away from my bright and cosy classroom. I looked out the window at sun-aged brown hills without another person in sight before we took a turn and suddenly came across shepherds guiding their flocks of black and white sheep and then, a small oasis of green that surrounded mud brick houses. My sense of awe at seeing this part of God’s creation gave way to nerves as we drew closer to the village. In spite of the 43C weather, I put on my socks so as to be culturally appropriate and readjusted my headscarf. My local colleagues and I were about to meet with the Ministry of Education and the Head of School in these parts. We hoped to convince them to allow the high school graduate daughters of the village to join our teacher-training project in the city.

We knew we had our work cut out for us because what we were asking of them is so counter-cultural. For a young unmarried woman to not be under her father’s or brother’s roof overnight can bring a great deal of gossip, if not shame to the family. Yet work was urgently needed to help village girls to go to school and stay at school as long as possible, in order to curb one of the world’s lowest literacy rates for women. One factor for why girls in villages do not go to school is because there aren’t any female teachers. We hoped to change this.

Negotiations with the Ministry and Head of School ended, and we made our way to one of the girls’ mud brick home. Huddled in one of their two rooms and surrounded by family member of all ages, we sipped our tea and listened to the parents’ fears: of gossip; of damage to the family name; of family opposition; of letting their daughters study for a couple of years only to see people from the city with money and power get the jobs and then never turn up in the village to teach; of how the families will put food on the table because at least now their daughters can sell some craft pieces to make ends meet. A family allowing their daughter to move to the city is an act of tremendous courage. The back and forth conversation quietened as a meal was spread before us in the true spirit of hospitality in Central Asia. Overwhelmed by both their struggles and their generosity, I ate quietly, smiling at the girls, acknowledging the hope in their eyes.

Fast forward again, to the beginning of our teacher training program in the city. In my classroom and in their spare time, the young women from the village work so incredibly hard, determined to shape their own futures. We will learn about classroom management, and social and emotional intelligence, and critical thinking, and how to actively engage students in their own learning instead of using the traditional method of rote and repetition. God willing, after two years I will visit them in their classrooms in their home villages and mentor them. But mostly, I pray in hope for these precious young women, that after everything they have overcome to be here, they will return to their villages with their heads held high, they will teach with love and integrity, and they will shine the torch on the capabilities and dignity of women and be a role model for the next generation of girls in their villages.

Jodi is a teacher-trainer, serving the girls and women of Central Asia.

Names have been changed.


South East Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1512

A family learning community since 1998 the school serves the servant in the north of the country by providing quality innovative affordable family-oriented Christian education in English.

Teachers needed for 2020-21: Secondary: Math Social Studies Science English Elementary teacher Computer Teacher (Gr 2-12) Special Education Teacher and Assistant Speech and Language Pathologist Substitute Teacher ESL Teacher Curriculum Coordinator.

Christian teachers

Teacher for homeschooling

Central Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 1492

Several homeschooling families work in this capital city. Although there are English international schools in our city they are out of reach financially for many expat families. Homeschooling takes up a significant proportion of a partners time and limits how much they can engage in work outside the home.

We are looking for a teacher to provide help to home-schooled families. The children range from K to grade 9. There could be 1:1 tutoring or teaching small homeschool co-op groups in 1 or more subjects (depending on need and applicant skill set). You may be able to help multiple families during the week or to work with 1 larger family. All curriculum materials are provided and no prior formal teaching experience is necessary.

A suitable applicant would have a vision to support likeminded families in our city through assisting with the homeschool education of their kids. They would understand the unique lives of TCKs and have a desire to see them thrive while living abroad. They would see themselves as an English-speaking mentor and teacher who could significantly influence and encourage them in these formative years. A wide variety of applicants could be considered and specifics made to fit them.

English Teacher

West Asia / Education / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 554

English teaching is currently the most accessible job in this country. Many schools at all levels (elementary secondary university and adult education) are seeking teachers who are native speakers of English or have good TEFL training. The nation is largely unreached and needs people who can shine the light to come and serve here.

Work for an ESL teacher is generally teaching classes preparing exercises and exams grading etc. Often speaking and listening skills are delegated to the foreign ESL teachers particularly. There are lots of hours of contact with students plus the opportunity to meet with parents and school administrators demonstrating love and showing faith at work .These jobs provide work visa and residence permission plus good-to-excellent compensation.

The requirement for native speakers of English is an undergraduate degree in any subject plus a TEFL certificate. There are various ways to acquire the TEFL certification including taking an inexpensive and short online course. Appropriate experience is valuable but not required. A non-native English speaker should have a university degree in English or English Literature or Teaching English.