Course Developer

South East Asia / Education / 1-11 months / Job ID: 1094

Our International Office serves our wider fellowship, providing leadership and resources to support our mission worldwide.

Are you good at organising complex material into a clean and logical progression that can take someone new to a topic and make them competent in that subject area? We have several broad areas that we know a lot about and need your help to break down into a series of courses and assessments.

Experience with online learning systems, course creation, and assessment methodologies is needed. You can work from home, or in our office in New Zealand or Malaysia, or anywhere in the world.


South Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 302

This project serves several million people in a rural area through a variety of community development projects and a hospital and training centre. An English-medium school serves the families of staff of the project and the wider community. There are currently 130 national and a few expatriate students in small classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Emphasis is on quality teaching and Christian example.

The school serves a student population of around 140 national and some international children, from 4 to 16 years of age. The school’s class sizes are generally around 16, but smaller in the upper school, with challenges of delivering Cambridge English medium education to second language speakers in a vibrant but challenging cross-cultural environment. The greatest need for teachers is in the upper school, for O-levels, but also for the reception and middle school years.

While long-term service (2 years or more) is preferred,shorter periods of service are also welcome.

Science Teacher

South Asia / Education / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1460

The project is a development project situated in a rural area. It has a training school for midwives, nurses and community workers, a community development work, a research hub, an English-speaking school up to age 16, and a 150-bed hospital (with obstetric, gynaecology, surgical, medical and paediatric departments).

The Training Center runs a 3-year Diploma in Midwifery. A Bachelor of Science level teacher is being sought for chemistry, physics, and biology classes. The English-medium school is also in need of a science teacher to teach students up to O-Level.

Bachelor of Science or equivalent


Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 434

A small international school (K-10) in a major city in Central Asia, serving the international community.

Current needs: Secondary — Science, Math, and English teachers; Elementary teachers.

A native English speaker with experience is preferable (but not essential).

University Lecturers

Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 542

This is a dynamic new international university with leaders who have proven themselves in tertiary education.

The university is seeking English teachers from Elementary to Intermediate, and lecturers in Pedagogy (preschool education), Linguistics (English language with a touch of linguistics), Business Administration, Information Technology, and International Relations. It is also looking for qualified people for University Administration, President, International Accountant, Head of Linguistics Department, and Head of Business Administration Department.

The ideal applicant will have relevant qualifications and experience. While the university offers a local salary — enough to cover some basic living costs — it is not sufficient for an expatriate’s extra expenses. Lecturers can live in the capital and travel in university buses to the campus each day.

ESL Teacher

Central Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 550

An organization which runs a cultural and language center in a major city in Central Asia is seeking an English language teacher. The language center caters mainly to local university students.

The teacher will teach English courses, facilitate English summer camp, and perhaps develop a English language program for kids. The ideal candidate will have appropriate teaching qualifications and experience.

Instructor/ Foundations Course

Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 792

A new Institute of Business and Engineering is currently being set up in a major Central Asian city to provide a western standard of university education. Its aim is to provide education in areas of practical application through which the institute hopes to serve the nations of Central Asia.

The curriculum being planned is a first year foundations course to prepare students for the subsequent 4 years of Bachelor Degree study in business or engineering. All subjects will be delivered in the English language. The foundations course is designed to provide students with study, language and thinking skills, together with basic principles of business, computer and mathematics. Instructors are needed to prepare and deliver these courses and/or to support local staff as they learn to teach the content.

Candidates should be in possession of a Graduate degree or higher. Teaching experience at high school or tertiary level is preferred. Instructors are expected to spend time with students in a mentoring/advisory capacity and so should show evidence of social skills and activities performed.

Professor of Business

Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 795

A new Institute of Business and Engineering is currently being set up in a major Central Asian city to provide a western standard of university education. Its aim is to provide education in areas of practical application, through which the institute hopes to serve the nations of Central Asia.

The institute offers a Diploma and Bachelor of Arts in Business. The aim of these courses is to give students skills necessary to enter the world of business as professionals. The courses will include financing, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, and management, as well as humanities and natural sciences. All of the courses are taught in English.

Candidates should have appropriate business qualifications and experience.

Instructor/Faculty Member

Central Asia / Education / 12-23 months / Job ID: 813

This university is an international, multi-disciplinary learning community in the American liberal arts tradition that develops enlightened and impassioned leaders for the democratic transformation of Central Asia. It hosts approximately 1200 students from about 20 countries.

AUCA currently has several openings for instructors and faculty members in Business Administration, International and Comparative Politics, Sociology, Software Engineering, Economics, ESL/EFL, Journalism and Mass Communications, Art/Design/Technologies, and the TV and Cinema Department, among others. An instructor with a background in humanities and social sciences is required for First Year Seminary (FYS).

Applicants should have necessary qualifications and experience according to the descriptions on their website (which your local ISV office can direct you to).

ESL Teacher

Central Asia / Education / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1062

This locally registered humanitarian organisation, operating in a village outside a major Central Asian city, aims to provide affordable, high quality learning opportunities to local people as well as social assistance to vulnerable members of society through several programs.

This job involves teaching English as a Foreign Language to university students and adults in certified courses using “Headway” curriculum. A minimum of 9 hours/week of classroom teaching time will be required after which the worker is free to pursue other relationship-building opportunities.

Qualified candidates should possess an appropriate (TESL/ESL/TESOL/TEFL) certificate or an equivalent post-secondary degree or life experience in lieu thereof, as well as a personal calling to be a positive influence in the lives of their students.