Ordinary Christian

As I read the Gospels I am continually drawn to the disciples and the way they acted (or didn’t).

Far from being brilliant scholars, political animals, or seasoned leaders I see a ragtag bunch of people from across the spectrum of society at the time. Jesus didn’t head hunt any of them from high office or find people with exceptional people management skills. Throughout Jesus’ ministry and intensive teaching they really didn’t understand what He was on about. Metaphorically, they were still trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Yet these people became the foundation of the church that grew like wildfire, grasped the deep truths of Jesus, saw the faith cross into other cultures, and led through much persecution. The transformation of this ragtag group came from a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through them.

In my role I get to work with and support people who are not super Christians. They have weaknesses and strengths like you or I. But what I do see is ordinary Christians achieving extraordinary things through the power, wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit working within them.

As we pray for our Partners, On Trackers and CultureConnect team members this month, remember that these people aren’t different to you or I. While you might only see yourself as an ordinary Christian, through your willingness to pray you are opening the way for the Holy Spirit to work in extraordinary ways.

Would you take two minutes – right now – to pray for a cross-cultural worker you know?

Personnel Manger QLD/NT

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