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Good Friday without Easter Sunday

Where would we be if Jesus was not raised from the dead? Every year Shi’a Muslims ‘celebrate’ Ashoora. It’s not really a celebration, it’s more of a commemoration – almost like an annual funeral. After Sunni, Shi’a Muslims are the second largest sect. Their presence is strongest in Iran, Iraq and Bahrain. Ashoora marks the […]

Why we chose Tabor for On Track Together

On Track Together is an opportunity to learn more about mission and explore faith and justice issues through cross-cultural study and service overseas. In forming this new pathway we’ve stayed close to our roots, looking to partner with an Australian Bible college that is committed to building effectiveness, faithfulness and longevity in our cross-cultural workers. […]

Caring for Third Culture Kids

Maybe you’re wondering what a Third Culture Kid (TCK) is and why you should care for one? Are they a rare plant? An endangered species? A remote people group? If you or your church are responsible for supporting a family overseas, then you have the opportunity to care for and pray for a TCK.  The […]

Is mission still relevant?

The relevance of cross-cultural ministry is increasingly questioned by Christians today. Maybe not always voiced; but it’s a demonstrable sentiment nonetheless. The reasons for mission drift are rarely singular—but post-colonial cringe, post-Christendom insecurity, and postmodern relativism must number among them. Throw in global sex abuse scandals, toxic nationalism, refugee politics and compassion fatigue and Christians […]

Fruitful, not fearful

Fear is normal. Imagine life without fear. You’d walk into oncoming traffic. You’d swim outside the flags. You wouldn’t study for an exam and you’d spend your way to bankruptcy. While “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, a healthy respect for the things that threaten, harm, or hinder us surely builds […]