Coming alongside their children

“Will they make friends?”

“Where will they be able to learn and continue to thrive?”

“I hope they will be happy.”

When God calls a family away from what has been called ‘home’ to work alongside Him overseas, it is not just the parent’s lives that are changed – but also their children’s.

INF seeks to provide schooling for both primary and secondary aged children, so that their parents can focus on the work God has called them to Nepal to do, knowing that their children are in caring community and receiving excellent education. The Pokhara Study Centre, located at Pokhara in Nepal, is part of this vision.

This school is essential for the ongoing work at the INF Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre which is presently being transformed into a major referral centre for the western half of Nepal. Without excellent education for their children, medical specialists are often unable to stay which impacts the whole community.

There is an urgent need for two expatriate Christian Primary School Teachers to join the team. There are also opportunities for secondary school teachers. Is this somewhere God may be calling you, or someone you know?

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We also have opportunities for teachers to teach expatriate children is many places in Asia and the Arab world. Get in touch with us!