Asia, Education, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1110

An international school (K-12) based in a major city in Central Asia serves a wide community including expat children from many different nationalities.

The school is seeking qualified teachers for specific HS subject areas (e.g. Science English) and elementary classrooms. We offer a professional team environment and a supportive community. A stipend is offered to offset the amount of financial support required to be raised by teachers.

Being a native speaker of English and having some experience is preferable but not essential.

English Teacher

Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 1450

The organization is run by a local couple and offers English lessons for children 9-12 years old.

We are seeking self-motivated and passionate teachers to teach English to school-age children.

You should have a teaching degree and TESOL certificate or be a teacher with TESOL diploma or an English teacher with a degree. You will have experience with children aged 9-14 and enjoy working with children. You need to be willing to come for at least 10 months (Sept-May).

English Teacher

Asia, Education, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1474

The NGO was started to address the issues of under-employment among women. They started training women in agriculture and from this experience learned that many womens husbands were leaving for work elsewhere but were being illegally trafficked. So they started education on immigration rights. According to the director religious extremism is a growing issue which they wish to address.

They are looking for someone to teach English to teenagers and adults intermediate and above. The teacher needs to have a TESOL or equivalent certification.

A willingness to learn the language is essential.

English Teacher Trainer

Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 1641

In a language school in the south of the country we teach English to children aged 9-14 years old. We also have a training programme for teachers.

If you love to work with young children and you enjoy passing on knowledge to their teachers please come and join our team.

We are looking for a teacher with a teaching degree and a TESOL certificate or a teacher with a TESOL diploma or an English teacher with a degree. You will need to have experience with children aged 9-14 years old and to enjoy working with children. You also need to have experience with training teachers. We need someone who is willing to come for at least 10 months (Sept-May).

English Lang Preschool Teacher

Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1668

A preschool with a kingdom vision to provide a values-based education for both believing and non-believing locals. A small proportion of foreigners including the children of staff and teachers can also attend this school. This preschool provides quality early years education while teaching English in a natural environment. The focus is on character education and preparing children for primary school.

This position is for a qualified preschool teacher with a relevant degree (for example in Early Years Education) and/or ESL qualification (TEFL/TOEFL/CELTA/DELTA). The need is immediate and also ongoing.

The school is seeking native English speaking teachers with a heart to serve in a bustling city where a large proportion of people have never met a follower of Jesus. This person needs to be enthusiastic and energetic showing children the love of Jesus through the way they joyfully teach.

English Teacher

Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 554

Many schools at all levels (elementary secondary university and adult education) are seeking teachers who are native speakers of English or have TEFL training. The nation is largely unreached and needs people who can shine the light to come and serve here. English teaching is currently the most accessible job in this country.

Work for an ESL teacher is generally teaching classes preparing exercises and exams grading etc. Often speaking and listening skills are delegated to the foreign ESL teachers particularly. There are lots of opportunities with students plus interactions with parents and school administrators in which the Christian teacher can demonstrate love and show faith at work. These jobs provide a work visa and residence permission plus good-to-excellent compensation.

The requirement for native speakers of English is an undergraduate degree in any subject plus a TEFL certificate. There are various ways to acquire the TEFL certification including taking an inexpensive and short online course. Appropriate experience is valuable but not required. A non-native English speaker should have a university degree in English or Teaching English.


Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 996

This international school exists primarily to enable international Christian workers to remain in their field of service by providing for the needs of their children through an integrated education from a Christian worldview.

As well as educating MKs teachers have the opportunity to build relationships and impact these young lives for eternity.

We are looking for fully qualified primary and secondary teachers holding recognised teaching credentials from their home country.

English Teacher

Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 680

For over a decade the staff of this organisation has worked to provide high quality affordable language teaching in the region. It has 3 language centres located in different parts of the country offering English and local language classes. Under the same organisation there is also a vocational skills training centre in the capital.

There is an on-going need for short-term and long-term English teachers with TESOL qualifications. A minimum 5-week commitment (summer term) is required. There are also opportunities for teachers who have a qualification to teach Chinese Korean French or computer English for a minimum 5-week commitment.

Team player with TESOL qualifications


Asia, Education, 12-23 months / Job ID: 299

This International school supports the educational needs of a wide variety of expatriates and nationals and is committed to core values that make up the FaCES of Grace: Faith Collaboration Excellence and Service.The school maintains small classes of 18-20 students within a stimulating learning environment enabling children of all abilities to flourish.

The school is looking for teachers (early years and primary) able to teach to the British National Curriculum (primary school) and international GCSEs. The school is also looking for a Secondary English Teacher and a Secondary PE Teacher/Sports Coordinator.

We follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum providing support to all teachers who are new to this system.

Elementary School teacher

Asia, Education, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1427

A very significant English-language international K-12 day school in West Asia educating TCK/MK children in a key mega-city of the region has a holistic vision of a Bible-based education aiming to educate the Head Heart and Hands of each student. The students are drawn from like-minded families creating a pleasant free yet safe environment for the school community. The schools vision is to develop wise and healthy Third Culture Kids who use their academic proficiency and spiritual character to engage with and influence society.

The school is recruiting primary school teachers for the 2019-2020 year Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 5 and Special Education teachers are being sought. A minimum commitment of one year is required however 2 years is preferred. Teaching staff must have at least a Bachelors degree in the area being taught as well as teaching credentials (i.e. teaching license or certificate). Two years teaching experience may be accepted in place of teaching credentials. A salary and work visa are provided.

Interested teachers will have a desire to both teach and care for their students with Gods love. They will want to work in a cross-cultural setting in international education in a crossroads mega-city of this region with a diverse staff of teachers and administrators from many countries.