Teacher Trainer

Arab World, Administration, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1701

A refugee school in Maadi Cairo with 250 students and 10 teachers. Not all the teachers have qualified teacher status they are mostly Sudanese teachers with some experience in South Sudan.

The post holder will coach the teachers make assessments provide curriculum guidance and set goals.

The post holder will have previous teaching experience be creative and passionate about teaching and about training teachers without official qualifications. They will be open and happy to learn in a cross-cultural environment.

Donor Relations

Arab World, Administration, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1752

The organisation is registered as a ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship. They work on empowering the community especially those who have fewer opportunities to live a life of dignityeconomically socially health-wise culturally and spirituallyand helping them to claim and obtain their human rights to ensure sustainable community development.

The post holder will write funding proposals. They will maintain the contact with existing donors informing them and developing the relationship with them. They will network and seek new donors internationally.

The post holder will have good relational and networking skills. They will also have good writing skills and the knowledge of how to write proposals.

Managing Director

Asia, Administration, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1797

Our company is a brand with a growing reputation throughout the world for high quality handmade goods with a powerful social impact. We are a woman-owned business with a majority of female employees.We are a social enterprise eager to continue to produce and export high quality handmade goods throughout the world to grow our brand and to create employment opportunities for those lacking access.

We are looking for an innovative passionate leader who is able to take the company forward: growing sales improving operations developing and implementing systems and helping us to be a sustainable company. In addition to this the Managing Director will explore ways of increasing the success of vulnerable women healing from trauma and develop strategies to train and employ as many survivors and at risk women as possible.Female applicants are preferred.

You will have an MSc or MBA along with proven experience in a Chief Operating Officer or other relevant role with demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development. You will possess outstanding organisational and leadership abilities and an aptitude for decision-making and problem solving. You will be strongly committed to developing opportunities for vulnerable women.

Recording Studio Administrator

Asia, Administration, 2+ years / Job ID: 221

This center provides materials for outreach and discipleship among the tribal people.

A Christian recording studio is seeking an administrator to write funding proposals and reports and oversee admin work.

Would require a flexible person with a sense of humour and a desire to work alongside and for local people.


Asia, Administration, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1065

The Diocese is a conglomeration of various denominations.

The Diocese has an opening for an Executive Assistant to the Bishop. Activities would include working closely with the Bishop assisting him in a wide variety of tasks and projects. The Diocese will provide accommodation and any necessary travel for the candidate once they arrive.

This person should have a heart and passion for the global church a strong knowledge and understanding of English skills with Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint familiarity with grant writing an eager and enthusiastic personality organizational skills great critical thinking skills and a deep sense of the Christian faith.

Hospital Director

Asia, Administration, 2+ years / Job ID: 1456

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

The Director will run the hospital correspond with donors and potential staff applicants and be in charge of the national and expat staff.

We are looking for a qualified administrator with experience running a complex organization must be willing to work in a challenging area.

Resource Developer

Asia, Administration, 2+ years / Job ID: 842

The organization aims to proclaim the good news of JC as it relates to the whole person and all of life to help alleviate the physical needs of people especially the poor and to establish self-supporting and reproducing churches.

To act as an on-the-ground facilitator to our international Resource Developer in the production and distribution of resources that will support our work in seeing a growing movement of house churches established. This will include the production of print audio and video resources for the purposes of evangelism discipleship training and worship. The position will also include overseeing production and maintaining a suitable inventory. The objective is to assist the local believers and C.P. workers in producing and providing resources by locating funds encouraging and working alongside those ministering here.

Qualifications: Bachelors degree preferably with some computer graphics printing or writing experience. Preferably male.

Accountant/Finance Consultant

Asia, Administration, Consultant / Job ID: 897

Various NGOs throughout the country provide a variety of services from medical educational and community development.

There is a general need for national staff to be taught accountancy best-practices and trained on new programs and past records to be examined.

The qualified person will have experience in accounting and on various software programs as well as the ability to teach both basic and advanced financial skills.


Asia, Administration, 2+ years / Job ID: 1669

The purpose of this center for trauma counseling is to train people in doing trauma counseling and to provide counseling care to victims of terrorism and violence and their families. Once this center is well established our vision is to organize satellite centers in other cities as well to serve the least of these in this country.

The center needs a manager to run administrative tasks.

A suitable person is someone who has experience with project management and good communication skills. Does not have to have a counseling background but would be beneficial if have related training so can relate to coworkers and clients. A willingness to learn the local language and culture is required.


Asia, Administration, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 227

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

The hospital uses QuickBooks to maintain its accounts. The accountant would supervise improvements to the system train our accounts staff and recommend changes that will better provide management with the information needed to run the hospital. The accountant may also be asked to advise on the best means of improving the hospitals medical records.

The accountant would preferably be familiar with QuickBooks or similar generic accounting systems. He/she would be experienced in accounting for a medium-sized organisation. Length of experience would not be as important as enthusiasm and commitment to the task. The length of term would be between six months and two years the longer term being preferred.