Serving people

on the move

People are on the move. They’re fleeing war, conflict and persecution. They’re looking for work. They’ve been trafficked, abused or cast out. For any number of reasons, they are in a new place. They’re seeking a new life and their needs are many.

Interservers are on the move. We’ve been moved by God to respond to these needs, and we’re moving across continents to bring loving hands and loving hearts. The ways to serve are as numerous as we are, and there is always more to be done.

Here in Australia, the church is on the move. As God brings new neighbours into our communities, we have the opportunity to become people of peace to them. CultureConnect is helping Australian Christians come alongside migrants to share journeys of joy and pain, faith and hope.

We are looking for people to join our overseas and Australian teams.

Would you come along?