Introducing Lisa Bateup

Interserve Australia is thrilled to welcome Lisa Bateup in a key leadership role, based here in Australia. This new role represent a continuation of Lisa’s long-term involvement in cross-cultural mission.

Lisa Bateup is the new Director of Culture Connect

Lisa Lisa is a graduate of Sydney Missionary and Bible College and is passionate about taking the gospel to people who have not had the opportunity to hear about Jesus. In this role she will be developing a team of people around Australia who are actively involved in local cross-cultural ministry as well as envisioning, training and resourcing the local church to engage more effectively with neighbours from Asia and the Arab world.

Lisa writes:

Australia is changing. By 2025 over 50% of the population in Sydney may not identify with Australia’s British heritage. God is bringing the nations of the world to our shores that they might have the opportunity to hear something Australians often take for granted. Many people arriving in Australia today know almost nothing of the Bible or of the Lord Jesus who died for them. They may never have met a Christian. Whether they are fleeing places of oppression, seeking an education or a life with more opportunities for their children, a new life in Australia often brings with it an openness to experiencing many new things, including learning about the One who came that they might have life in all its fullness (John 10:10)

Bridging cultures has always been part of my life. In 1952, my father, a young man from Kerala in southern India, arrived in Australia, to begin university studies and a new life in a strange country. He made Australia his home, married an Australian woman and raised a family here. I grew up with the challenges of being different to everyone around me.

After studying Engineering, I worked in the multiethnic world of manufacturing and experienced first-hand, the desire of people from many countries to belong here and their openness to discuss spiritual things. I now live with my husband Simon, close to some of the most multiethnic suburbs in Sydney and have invested much of the past 6 years with Culture Connect in taking the gospel to the nations which God has brought to us.

Our goal is to see God’s people in Australia being excited about, equipped for and really embracing the opportunity God has given us in reaching out to our neighbours from Asia and the Arab world, with genuine love and the good news of Jesus.


Lisa intends to undertake this role as an Interserve Partner. This means she will be raising up a team of people to support her with prayer, financial giving and encouragement.

If you would like to find out more about supporting Lisa, please contact us.