Ongoing responses to Nepali earthquakes

Aid and relief responses to the Nepali earthquake disaster are ongoing. Interserve Partner Rowan has been working in aid assistance and delivering relief supplies in Kathmandu and regional areas. He shares with us:

At one place the houses had all been destroyed completely, and a seven-year-old boy had been killed in one of the houses.  People are living under plastic tarpaulins or recovered sheets of corrugated iron roofing and there have been some severe thunderstorms recently.  Many people have not received any help at all.

The second earthquake has really unsettled people, just as things in Kathmandu had returned to some sort of normality.  A lot of people are extremely fearful and earlier I saw one lady in Lamjung faint, and it took over an hour to revive her, after a minor tremor (that occurred almost exactly a week after the original quake).  She had been in Kathmandu during the first earthquake and had had a nasty experience with debris falling around her.

Rowan is serving with Interserve partner organisation INF. INF released a video last week outlining the planned progression from relief work, to rehabilitation, and building disaster resilience in five of the poorest districts.

We continue to ask for your prayers. Give thanks:

  • For the generosity of supporters who are making it possible for INF to commit to commit for the long term to those affected by the earthquakes
  • For the willingness of staff and and volunteers to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that those who need help will receive it

Please pray:

  • For protection of our stand and volunteers making often treacherous journeys to distribute aid
  • For wisdom for INF’s leadership to know hoe best to use the available resources
  • For continued good relations between Interserve, INF, partner organisations and government officials
  • For the detailed planning required to develop rehabilitation and resilience work
  • That staff will have the time and space to ‘recharge their batteries’

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. For more information, photos and latest updates, see Nepal Earthquake Response.