Nepal experiences second earthquake

Nepal has experienced a second earthquake. It struck about 12.35pm Nepali time and had a magnitude of 7.3. All Interserve, INF and UMN staff are confirmed safe.

The epicentre of the earthquake was approximately 50 miles east of Kathmandu. It was not as severe as the earthquake of April 25 but there has still been many injuries and sad loss of life. People are very frightened and much disturbed after beginning to return to normal life following the previous earthquake.

INF has sent the following prayer requests. Please pray:

  • For those who have lost loved ones near the epicentre of this new earthquake.
  • For people in the affected regions who, once again, don’t feel safe in their own homes, particularly the children struggling to comes to terms with their experiences and for their parents and teachers, trying to help them while working through their own feelings
  • For wisdom for Interserve and INF leaders as they seek to decide how best to utilise personnel and resources, in order to meed current and future needs resulting from the earthquake
  • That government officials will act wisely in managing the aid and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure