Introducing Interserve Development!

We have a new company within Interserve Australia dedicated to aid and development. It is called ‘Interserve Development Limited’.

Since Interserve started, benevolent work (helping people in need) has been an important part of our ministry. It is a part of our vision and purpose statements:

Lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ.

Making Jesus known through wholistic ministry, in partnership with the global church. among the most marginalised people of Asia and the Arab world.

We are currently transitioning to a new legal structure that will allow us to continue the work we’re doing and to administer it more effectively.

Up until now we have been an incorporated association registered in Victoria and our legal name was Interserve Australia Inc. We administered our overseas aid and development work through our Overseas Aid Fund (donations to this fund are tax deductible).

We are now in the process of creating a new structure with two nationally registered companies. The parent company will be known as Interserve Australia Limited, and will oversee all of our work.

The subsidiary company Interserve Development Limited will administer the benevolent part of our work such as overseas development and the benevolent work CultureConnect does in Australia. Interserve Development will have PBI status (Public Benevolent Institution) and will retain the Overseas Aid Fund. All donations to Interserve Development will be tax deductible. Our non-tax-deductible work will operate through Interserve Australia Limited.

These background administrative changes will help Interserve better recruit, prepare, place and support people to serve the peoples of Asia and the Arab world. There are other benefits too. It will allow us to keep some tax concessions that lower our costs and make donations stretch further. It will also make it simpler for us to comply with new regulatory requirements and better manage tax-deductible giving.

From now on you may notice some small changes in our material and in our correspondence to you. We’ll keep you informed of any changes that affect you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].



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