Gritty Grace

“As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy…”

Colossians 1:11–12 MSG


March marks the start of Lent. It’s a time to pause and reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made. It’s a gift of grace to us, that terrible death on the cross, and what does that cross mean for us who follow Him? It is our life-ring, a sign of our rescue. At the same time, it’s a reminder of the cross Jesus asks us to take up as we follow him.

As we look to Jesus’ example, we learn about grace that just gets on with it. Showing and sharing the love of Jesus in the hard places and in the hard times is not easy. Let us pray that the glory-strength of God would enable all of us to stick it out, spilling over into joy!

Kaitlyn, Communications Coordinator