Faith and action

Interserve has a new logo and some new ways of expressing who we are and what we do. Not that we are going in completely new directions – we’re just always seeking new ways to communicate our DNA. We want to be people of faith and action. We want to live our faith and share our faith. We are called to do something with our faith. This faith should change our lives, not just our hearts. “Faith without works is dead” may have become a cliché – but it is in Scripture after all.

Our faith drives us to action, unsettling our inclination to consign it to our private life. It animates our belief in a God who wants to reach out to the whole world. It makes us put our time, education and money where our mouth is. Our faith challenges us to ask ourselves, “How does it change the world?”, not just, “How does it make me feel better?”.

Action is our response to faith. Walking down a crowded street with a local colleague in the Middle East, he turned and said, “It’s not the work that you are doing here with us that moves me the most. It’s just that you’re here – that you left the comfort of your home country to share our lives”. I felt out of my depth most of the time, but God used my presence there if nothing else.

The Apostle Paul tells the Thessalonians, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well”. Moving from faith to action can be challenging – but it’s not complicated. God has this scary but rewarding habit of using our tiny acts for purposes far beyond our abilities. We too can find delight in being people of faith and action, sharing the gospel and our lives with those who need its life-giving freedom. Our faith is not private. It’s a call to action.


Reflections from the Church and Community Engagement team