Paperwork, spreadsheets, filing, correspondence, keeping records, compliance, logistics, making sure to order replacement toner for the photocopier… Administration.

It’s all pretty ordinary stuff. It’s not exactly the same as being a doctor or a teacher or a theological lecturer, is it?

It’s not the same at all. It’s an entirely different and valuable set of skills. Administration is necessary to run any organisation, program, or NGO. Administration is ministry. Administry.

Shared by a worker in Administry:

I long for others with various administrative giftings to recognise that, no matter where they work, at home or abroad, the role they fill is not service at the whim of their employer, but rather is support which enables their employer. It is valuable. To have an administrative position in an organisational office, a doctor’s surgery, a store, a church, a tiny three-person business – anywhere at all! – is to have an opportunity to support and enable that team in such a way that they can thrive in their roles – and all the while, the administrative person also thrives in theirs.

There are so many in various levels of mission leadership across the globe who simply need a helping hand. They need someone to carry out tasks within their administrative skillset which in turn releases the currently-weary leader to do the same within his/her own specific and God-given skillset. There are leaders who are losing sight of their own heart-ministry, simply because there is essential administrative work to do to fulfill their leadership role. There is, therefore, simply not the capacity to fully invest themselves in that original ministry. That is not to say that the role that God has placed them in is wrong – not at all! – but they simply need help to blend and fulfill their roles.

Ministries, organisations and NGOs across Asia and the Arab world need people skilled and willing to serve in administry.


Would you consider serving?