12 simple ways to encourage an Interserve worker

In this new year, why not resolve to encourage a Partner or On Tracker more often? Here are some ideas to get you started…

1. Pray

Pray, regularly and specifically, and send your worker a quick note to say what you’ve been praying for.

2. Write a letter or post a care package

Get out the nice stationery or a pretty card, and write a few lines. Find out what favourite Aussie item they can’t find in their country and send it to them, for a special occasion or “just because”.

(It’s a good idea to check whether they can receive parcels first.)

3. Skype

You don’t need to wait until they’re back in Australia to have a face-to-face chat.

4. Send them a birthday card

Do you know when your worker’s birthday is? Put a reminder on your calendar to post them a card in time for their birthday. An e-card is another great option.

5. Increase your financial support

The costs of living overseas are always rising. Consider whether you could increase the amount you give each month – even if it means giving sacrificially.

6. Read their newsletter

Really read it. Send a short email back thanking them for the update. Perhaps you could update your church as well.

7. Think of the parents and grandparents

Parents and family members make sacrifices when workers move overseas. A phone call or a visit is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them too.

8. Remember the kids and teenagers

Growing up cross-culturally can be challenging. If your workers’ children know you, make a point of chatting to them too. Your children could write or draw a picture. And when they’re in Australia, why not offer to take them out to a footy game or the zoo?

9. Visit!

Ask whether your worker in a position to have visitors. A friendly face from home could be very welcome! Then save up, use some holiday time and jump on a plane. Who knows, you might fall in love with the country too…

10. Ask questions

Is your worker making exciting headway in their community? Don’t understand why they’re taking a certain approach to ministry? Want to know how they’re really going? Ask questions.

11. Welcome home

When your Interserve workers are on Home Assignment, take them out for coffee. Offer to organise a car or house. Host them for dinner, or deliver a home-cooked meal when they’re too tired to cook. Offer them some time in your family’s holiday house. The ideas are endless!

12. Stay in touch

Keep them up to date with your life – even if it’s just a quick email. Tell them about the challenges in your work or the winning goal your kid kicked in the soccer match. They care about you too!


Open up your email right now, say hello to your Interserve worker, and ask them how you can encourage them this year.