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Earthquake in Nepal

A devasting earthquake (category 7.8) hit Nepal yesterday morning (25th April), and has had widespread impact. The death toll has mounted quickly and many have lost homes and possessions.

We are thankful that all Interserve personnel working in Nepal are confirmed safe. We are monitoring the situation to see how best we can support them. We will provide further updates here during the week.

Image via INF

Please pray for Nepal, recovering from category 7.8 earthquake. Image via INF.


Please join us in praying for Interserve workers and colleagues in INF and UMN as they respond to the situation and support their friends and communities.


  • for quick rescue of all of those trapped and injured, comfort for those who have lost loved ones, shelter for those without homes
  • for those traumatised  by the events
  • safety for those families who will be spending the night outside in fear of aftershocks and the risk of structurally damaged buildings collapsing
  • as rain clouds are gathering we pray that rain will not exacerbate the situation
  • for God’s peace for all those with loved ones in Nepal
  • for the leaders of INF and UMN as they assess the impact on our staff, volunteers, patients and the communities we work with
  • please also pray for the government as they lead the response to this disaster nationally.
Thanks to INF for this prayer update and image.