Youth Worker

West Asia / Theology / Church / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 560

The churches in the major cities in this land need help with developing youth ministry. Reaching the youth and discipling them is a big need.

A significant focus for the churches in this country is providing ministry and support for teens. There is very little being done and it’s a significant need. Those with skill and focus on this age-group can work even while they are learning language.

Applicants should have experience in youth work, be initiators and self-starters, have the desire and calling to work with youth and teens, and have the ability to work with others, under the authority of a pastor or other leader.

Theology Lecturer

Pakistan / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 189

St. Thomas Theological College has an opening for faculty of theology and missions.

Bible School Faculty

Pakistan / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 240

Faculty are needed at the undergraduate level (B.Th.) for a bible school. The qualified candidate would have a M.Div.

Seminary Faculty

South Asia / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 235

An evangelical seminary trains students for ministry.

Faculty are needed at the graduate level (MDiv) for the following areas: Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Church History, Christian Ed, Counseling, Greek, and Hebrew. The qualified candidate will have a ThM or PhD/ThD.


South Asia / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 226

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of a remote region. It has good operating rooms, and is supported by laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray and ultrasound facilities and has physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

The evangelist is to work with the resident pastor, to talk and pray with patients and visitors; to speak to patients and visitors at Daily Devotions and in Outpatients, to lead Bible Studies and prayer groups for staff and interested people, and to work with external organisations.

A theologically trained Christian, who is prepared to commit at least three years to the position, of which twelve to eighteen months would be in language study. Either male or female, but female preferred because the majority of our patients are female.

Migrant Ministry Worker

Other / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 1413

An Ecumenical refugee help group seeks through programs such as an International café to offer friendship and support to refugees.

Opportunities: help with integration of refugees, support of current programs and establish new ones, Bible studies and faith courses for refugees and Germans, meetings for refugee families, building of a children’s work, musical programs with children, outreach and cooperation with colleagues from neighbouring towns.

Requirements: intercultural experience; a passion for Jesus and for people who need Him; team player; English, some German, any Farsi, Arabic, Armenian …; servant, learner, hospitable, love people; musical.

Migrant Worker

Other / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 1414

This church, with a membership of around 300, has baptized ca. 40 migrants from different lands in the last 3 years. Most of their work is with Farsi speakers and Sunday services are translated into both Farsi and English with a monthly Farsi service. The team working with refugees, one full-time worker and 20 volunteers, in cooperation with a nearby Bible School, run many different regular and once-off programs which offer both practical help and spiritual growth opportunities.

Goals: support current programs; encourage church members and the community to open their perspective on migrants; discipleship of new believers; work alongside and help local volunteers to deepen contacts with migrants; cooperation on projects with other Christian groups in the town.

Qualifications: intercultural experience; experience in evangelism / discipleship; be a team player; German language, knowledge of Farsi or Arabic very useful; long term commitment: 3+ years.

Children and Youth Worker

Other / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 1415

This small evangelical church with legal but not spiritual ties to the mainly liberal state church has good contact with children and teenagers from German and foreign background through involvement in public schools but they lack the manpower for a regular evangelistic youth ministry.

Goals: build an international evangelistic children’s and youth work; build and deepen contacts with our fellow citizens; plan and offer evangelistic events; work alongside and help local volunteers to deepen contacts with migrants; encourage and teach a missionary/evangelistic perspective in the church.

Qualifications desired: intercultural experience; experience in evangelism / discipleship; experience with youth and young adults; be a team player; good German language, knowledge of Arabic very useful; long term commitment desired, say 5-10 years.

Migrant and Refugee Work

Other / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 1417

This Protestant Free Church is a church planting project with a team of Elders and a Pastor and his wife. Sixty percent of the members are from a migrant background. Defining points are that they love Jesus, believe the Bible is God’s word, value fellowship, extend a welcome to all. They have evangelism at heart, wanting to reach out to all social groups, especially Muslims. Church services are in German with translation into different languages. Specific language home groups meet, but for a limited duration as the goal is to have everyone together.

Goals: working with refugees from many lands (e.g. Iran, Iraq, Syria); mentoring church members from migrant backgrounds; offering discipeship; potentially giving German lessons; eventually mentoring new workers from overseas.

Qualifications required: some German language ability; Arabic or Persian welcome; intercultural experience; spiritual maturity and church experience; a relational orientation; initiative.

Refugee Worker

Other / Theology / Church / 2+ years / Job ID: 1418

This interdenominational initiative aims to establish contacts between the inhabitants of the city and the refugees to help to break down prejudices, to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, to promote integration and to give practical help. Our monthly services are open to all visitors. We appreciate everybody, regardless of origin and religion. The services will be translated into different languages.

Goals: help with the integration of refugees in this country; promote contacts between refugees and nationals; give practical help; support trauma relief; create opportunities so that refugees can live their Christian faith; train volunteers for work with refugees. Ministry can be developed according to personal strengths, e.g. cultural activities (art, music, drama…), traditional activities (Bible study groups, children’s clubs…), language courses in German, training seminars for those seeking to reach out to Muslims.

Qualifications: intercultural experience; experience in evangelism; discipleship experience; knowledge of German language. Candidates should be relational, resilient to frustration, hospitable; they should love people and have the attitude of servants and learners.