Digital Multimedia Coordinator

Other, Media, 2+ years / Job ID: 1796

We serve believers of Muslim backgrounds (BMBs) primarily through the development of discipleship resources training research and writing. Our vision is for new believers from a Muslim heritage to grow from first steps into a mature faith becoming disciples and disciple-makers and making a positive impression in the watching Muslim community.We long to see all churches welcoming and caring for Christs followers of Muslim background and learning from them as they contribute new insights and a fresh stream in the world Christian movement.

We are seeking a Digital Multimedia Coordinator to assist in the development of our ministries through the creation of resources and communication of what God is doing in our midst. The post will also work with the research track which works closely with a research partnership of BMB networks leaders and those who work with them.

You will be committed to serving in ministry and mission with and among BMBs. You will have proven working experience in social media marketing along with technical skills in recording editing subtitling and audio. You will have excellent writing and editing (photo/video/text) presentation and communication skills as well as knowledge of both standard and digital editing software. You will also have good communication skills both verbal and written in English.

Media Consultant

Asia, Media, 1-11 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1011

This center provides materials for outreach and discipleship among tribal people.

The center needs someone to help train locals in using software and technology to produce audio and visual materials.

Someone skilled in media production particularly recording and editing of audio and video for use in ministry.

Communication Worker

Asia, Media, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1090

The goal of this small grassroots community development organisation is to help people grow to their full potential through holistic transformation educational social economic and spiritual. It runs a preschool and after-school learning-support activities with over 200 children in 7 villages and provides micro-credit activities and training support for the parents.

The organisation is seeking to stabilise its financial situation and communication materials are needed. The person would help to make a communication strategy and to create newsletters video clips and weblog accordingly for both the organisation and for its leaders. Ideally this person would also help with proposal writing for fundraising. This person will go along to all activities and help in a practical way while gathering real-life stories within the organisation and from people in the villages for communication materials.

We are seeking a native English- or Dutch-speaking person who may have a formal educational background in communication or fundraising though this is not essential. The person will preferably be young (under 35 say) and outgoing so s/he can gather stories and video materials easily and connect well to the team members who are all young. S/he needs to be physically fit and willing to travel on the back of a motorbike.

A New Hope Through Television

We have been working in Central Asia for eight years, in a Muslimmajority country overwhelmed by major economic and political crises. In our time here, one of our biggest encouragements has been witnessing a national believer’s dream – that of broadcasting Christian television in the local language – grow from a vision into reality.

After Aibek* watched his mother struggling to understand a Russian language Christian TV programme, he realised that the great majority of his people had no access to the Gospel in their own heart language. And God gave him a vision for using television to reach people for Christ. However, when Aibek shared it with Christian leaders in the city, many of them told him that while it was a good vision, it would never happen: no one could or would help, and most actively discouraged him. But when Aibek shared the vision with us, God put it on our hearts to not only affirm and encourage him, but to work alongside him in bringing it to pass.

That was almost seven years ago. And although it has not been an easy road for Aibek, he stuck to the dream God gave him and now heads up a television studio which produces local Christian programming. These programmes are broadcast twice a week in several strongly Muslim regions in our country; it costs about $200 USD to air each slot, which is covered mainly by donations from local, indigenous churches. Each programme is based around a theme (e.g. forgiveness, family, testimonies of changed lives, alcoholism and other social issues), and contains a mix of teaching, testimony and music.

The vision of the studio is to eventually broadcast all over our country. This seems a long way off at the moment, but we have seen our Father open doors that we never thought would open. The fact that the programmes are being transmitted to some of the more remote, strongly Muslim areas shows that our Father’s hand is on the project. He is using this ministry to touch people who otherwise would never have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, and to bring hope and life to places where there is so little hope and so little to live for.

That Aibek is able to continue broadcasting with current restrictive religious laws is a testimony in itself. The director of the TV channel in one of the regions was strongly pressured to stop, but he told the Muslim community and officials that the programmes were good, and he would continue to show them as long as the studio continued to pay!

Television is particularly effective in reaching remote villages. Recently we received a letter from a mountain village in the south. These people have little contact outside of their village but do have television! Six of them had become believers through watching our shows: they have never met any other believers, and have no Bibles, but they meet with each other to share, and pray to the Father who has given them hope.

There are many stories like this, told through letters and phone calls, from people whose lives have been changed and transformed through the programmes. They include high ranking officials who contact usin secret, wanting to learn more but fearful for their positions, and even for their lives and families if they were to openly ask.

So even though we have encountered a lot of very vocal and vigorous opposition, we continue to be encouraged by the testimonies we receive, telling us of God’s salvation, changed lives, restored families, and how God’s word, through television, is bringing hope in the hard places.

* Not his real name

Aibeks Testimony

About eight years ago, I noticed my mother watching a Christian programme on television. It was in Russian, my mother’s second language.

When I asked how much she understood, she admitted, “only about 30%.” And I realised that this was what it was like for most people across our nation: they hear but do not understand, as they don’t have any opportunity to listen to the Gospel in their own language.

That is when God impressed on me the great need for Christian programming in our national language. Initially, however, I received very little support for this vision, and it took some years of fervent prayer before God started opening doors. But I never doubted that God was in this, and He put people beside me to encourage and support me when I really needed it.

The breakthrough came in 2004, when I was given the opportunity to attend a Christian summer school for training in TV and video production. On completion of my training I was given responsibility for producing and directing a 30-episode Christian television drama: this project marked the start of our studio.

Our country is one of the poorest in the world, and our government, police force, and education and health care systems are riddled by corruption. Our people are bombarded with lies and deception from every direction, and, in desperation, many of them start to seek help from God.

But if they never hear the truth about God they will believe whatever was taught to them in the past, mainly Islam mixed with elements of Shamanism.

Christian television is such an effective way to teach our people the truth about God. They are able to watch in the privacy of their own home, and make the decision to receive Christ without the often negative influence of their extended family and community.

But there is a price to be paid for those who acknowledge their new faith publicly: they are viewed as traitors to their own culture, and are despised, ostracised, and often physically attacked. Persecution comes mostly from their relatives and close friends.

One young man, for example, was thrown out of his home after he became a believer. His father told him that he could only return home if he renounced Jesus, and studied the Koran. This young man refused; he said he could not throw away something that he knew to be true.

As followers of Christ in this country we strongly believe that God will send revival to our land and so, with God’s help, we are trying to do whatever is possible. We are praying that one day we will have our own TV channel, as we believe that God can and wants to use television to reach the people of this nation and influence them for His kingdom.

Mission and the Media