Software Development Engineer

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1343

We are a company that provides outsourced custom software solutions for clients in Indonesia and Australia. This involves programming and development in a range of technologies including ReactJS PHP and .NET. With the work we do we also aim to provide local graduates and interns with the training and skills they need to develop their skills in the IT industry.

We require someone who has skills experience and knowledge in software development to help with project management and staff training. We are looking for a person who not only loves to share their IT knowledge but who desires to share their life and faith with the people they are working with.

This could be a full time long term role or a just a short term project-based role. This could suit either someone who is available just once or someone who could return on a regular basis. A basic knowledge of the local language would be desirable but it is possible to do the role using English.

Multimedia Coordinator

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1729

We are an autonomous education board whose purpose is to provide high quality education fully informed by our Christian values and arising from our Christian roots. Our scope includes primary and secondary schools higher education and vocational professional and technical training for children regardless of race or creed and hostels for Christian children. The board is under the auspices of one of the national churches and is supported by other churches and organizations worldwide.

The post holder will collaborate with management to develop and implement an effective communication and marketing strategy. They will work closely with the Executive Director to facilitate fundraising activities by providing success stories of beneficiaries including testimonials videos pictures and newsletters.They will manage the organizations social media profile and presence and be responsible for the proper record keeping of media material. They will monitor and update the website and maintain records of media coverage. They will be responsible for digital marketing content and assist with marketing campaigns as needed and will be responsible for the pre- and post-production of videos including script writing budgeting coordination with principals and multimedia staff video editing and releasing of videos.

The post holder will be skilled in using video-editing software such as Filmora Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve and in using photo-editing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They will also have skills in using sound editing software and Microsoft Office and will have a good knowledge of photography and video.

IT/Tech Support

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 983

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

We are in need of an IT Support Person to look after our computers update our website oversee the installation of an integrated hospital information system and teach computer skills to nurses and clerks. The IT person would have to help design our system here and oversee the laying of cable.

This project requires someone with database management experience as it will involve setting up the admissions system pharmacy and hospital stores in a computerized system. The software is written and the folks who designed it are in the US but our people cant really communicate with them.

Computer worker

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months / Job ID: 990

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

We are looking for volunteers to hold computer training camps for adults and youth.

Individuals and teams are both welcome. Suitable person(s) should demonstrate skills in training people to acquire computer knowledge/skills and the understanding and willingness to teach with limited resources.

IT support worker

Arab World, Information Technology, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1791

This organisation supports and advocates for refugees and asylum seekers.

You will serve refugees by giving support in the office with IT skills. Most tasks will involve IT and computer skills with the option of helping in other ways as you are able and as the need arises. The minimum length of time of the placement is from one to three months.

You will speak and write excellent English. You will have a desire to serve refugees and to support those working with them.

Data and IT Management

Asia, Information Technology, 2+ years / Job ID: 1787

This project founded in 1999 is dedicated to serving people affected by disabilities throughout Southeast Asia through the free distribution of wheelchairs and other mobility aids custom fitted to each users needs and environment. The project accomplishes this through working with partners both locally and around the world.To date the project has provided aid to tens of thousands of patients and continues to expand its services to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of individuals still in need.

As the assistant manager you will play a key part in the development improvement and maintenance of our data management systems and data flow. Our database is responsible for tracking wheelchair stock status location history patient information waiting lists equipment selection medical evaluations repairs and loaned equipment. We utilise barcodes to label wheelchairs and equipment enabling us to track their movement from acquisition to recipient. You will work closely with our sub-distribution partners ensuring they can effectively manage their inventory and provide recipient information.This position is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to eventually assume the role of Database Manager so we require a minimum commitment of three years. However shorter-term commitments focused on developing modules and features for the existing database are also welcomed.

Requirements are familiarity with data management structures and tools commitment of at least three years and a passion for serving disadvantaged individuals. Ideally you will have a creative and proactive approach to problem solving and strong interpersonal skills for successful feature rollouts.

Chief of Information Security

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1469

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

You will develop and maintain threat models for our international and local operations harden systems and processes against those threats develop incident response and disaster recovery plans provide security training to all members lead and implement data quality and privacy initiatives and ensure leaders are informed of risks as they evolve.

You will have experience or recent training in information security for small and medium-sized organisations. You will enjoy helping people understand simple strategies that will keep them and their team members safe.

Desktop Support

Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1471

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

We need someone who can provide support for users accessing international information systems and help them harden their devices against attack. You will provide role-specific training: for example personnel roles need specialist training on the personnel functions of our intranet. You will help with pre-departure preparation by training and certifying users in safe behaviour and cleaning and certifying devices that will be used to access sensitive data. If willing you will travel to annual country conferences to provide support and training.

You will love working with people. You will have a cheerful nature and be a problem solver who is very comfortable with technology. You will be super-patient even with people who have asked you the same question a dozen times and still messed it up. Our people are usually people-people not systems-people. They need someone like you to help them with the tricky technical stuff they wish would just go away.

Server / Systems Specialist

Asia, Information Technology, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1472

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

You will build harden tune maintain and monitor international servers responsible for keeping them running and performing well. You will look after backups security updates and more. You will help us integrate and maintain connections with third party services. You will advise other offices on local or cloud services that are secure and compliant with international policy. They may ask you to help build and run them.

You will have extensive technical experience with server operating systems (we use Ubuntu) and awareness of tools and techniques for integrating third party platforms like O365 GSuite and more. You may have ethernet cabling instead of blood veins (though this is not a requirement).

Why not

God had planted a question on our hearts … could we go long term?

After a half-hour bus ride past the stinking palm plantations, we walked a couple of kilometres to the local supermarket in the midday sun with the humidity soaring. As we walked around a deep dirty drain, I remember the exact spot where we asked each other, “could we do this long term?” We were serving for four months in Malaysia at a school for people with disabilities as part of our honeymoon. As newlyweds, God planted this seed and over the next four years He gave it life. He did this through his Word, through people He brought into our lives who had served in that part of the world, and through revealing to us the need to go to the unreached.

Sometimes we concentrate so much on asking, “why us?”, but maybe a different way of thinking is, “why not?” Why not go and serve alongside those who don’t live in a safe and materially blessed society as we do. We feel that God has given us 30 years of abundant blessings, so why not now use these blessings to bless others.

When we returned from serving short term, we were disheartened to hear it would be at least a two-year journey before we could depart to serve long term. However, we now see that this time of preparation is invaluable as He reveals His call and purpose, and will potentially save us from making many cultural blunders!

God has led us to West Asia. When we were in Melbourne for Partner orientation, we asked our host where she had served. We were amazed to hear that she had served in the country we were currently considering! We plan to spend the first year language learning and from there use our professional skills to serve refugees and children with disabilities.

Even before we arrive in the country we see fruit in the way God is shaping both us and our church family. We are seeing our local church engaged in kingdom work outside of Australia. People are now involved and excited to see the unreached have the opportunity to hear of His love.

God has also changed our hearts and is teaching us to put our faith into action as we move out of our home, pack up our belongings and rely on His provision. A wise Partner advised that during the challenging process of support raising, “keep your eyes fixed on West Asia and the support will come”. We have learnt to rest in Him.

Adam (IT/project management) and Penny* (special education) have just left Australia to serve the church in West Asia.

*Names have been changed.