IT / Media Specialist

Central Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months / Job ID: 639

A book cafe in the heart of a large city offers good books, films, courses and various other activities. Its aim is to help people develop and grow. The organisation offers all levels of conversational and business English courses. The center also has a lending library.

The job involves managing the computer network, website and library media.

The ideal candidate should have relevant qualifications and experience.

Chief of Information Security

South East Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1469

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

Develop and maintain threat models for our international and local operations. Harden systems and processes against those threats. Develop incident response and disaster recovery plans. Provide security training to all members. Lead and implement data quality and privacy initiatives. Ensure leaders are informed of risks as they evolve.

You will have experience or recent training in information security for small and medium-sized organisations. You will enjoy helping people understand simple strategies that will keep them and their team members safe.

Desktop Support

South East Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1471

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

We need someone who can provide support for users accessing international information systems, and help them harden their devices against attack. You will provide role-specific training e.g. personnel roles need specialist training on the personnel functions of our intranet. You will help with pre-departure preparation: training and certifying users in safe behaviour; cleaning and certifying devices that will be used to access sensitive data.

You will love working with people. You will have a cheerful nature, be a problem solver who is very comfortable with technology. You will be super-patient, even with people who have asked you the same question a dozen times and still messed it up. Our people are usually people-people, not systems-people. They need someone like you to help them with the tricky tech stuff they wish would just go away.

Chief Information Officer

South East Asia / Information Technology / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1468

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

Shape how we use technology to further our Vision and Purpose. You will be responsible for information flows through the organisation, process improvement, strategy, budgets, and oversight of the Information Systems team.

You will need at least 10 years of broad IT industry experience with deep knowledge in one or two areas. You should be a well-seasoned professional in mid to late career. You will have a high level of industry awareness, knowledge of evolving standards and legislation / compliance issues.

Web Developer

South East Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 515

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

We have a large intranet that stores mission critical data and automates a number of previously labour-intensive tasks. We need your help to build new modules, support users, increase unit test coverage, and keep moving forward as new technologies mature. We have some unique technical challenges like providing fast page loads for people with achingly slow internet and electricity for only an hour a day on the good days. We use a modern tool chain (PHP7, vagrant, Bootstrap, phpUnit, composer) and are open to new ideas. Your work will be appreciated and used daily by 900+ people around the world.

You should be an intermediate or senior PHP programmer, with broad industry awareness of supporting technologies. The work is a mixture of maintenance and new development in an interesting and supportive environment. Graphic design or server admin skills would be an added bonus. Help our organisation take a big leap forward by bringing your software and web skills to us.

Server / Systems Specialist

South East Asia / Information Technology / 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1472

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

You will build, harden, tune, maintain and monitor international servers, responsible for keeping them running and performing well. You will look after backups, security, updates and more. You will help us integrate and maintain connections with third party services. You will advise other offices on local or cloud services that are secure and compliant with international policy. They may ask you to help you build and run them.

You will have deep technical experience with server operating systems (we use Ubuntu), awareness of tools and techniques for integrating third party platforms like O365, GSuite and more. You may have ethernet cabling instead of blood veins (though this is not a requirement).

Web Content Manager

South East Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1470

Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world.

Responsible for daily operations of our public-facing web properties. You will develop content strategy to ensure the web sites are clear and consistent, and point visitors in useful directions (e.g. informing them about mission, filling the applicant pipeline for offices). You will create new content (text, images, media) to support new initiatives (e.g. priority ministries), keep content fresh, collate stories (with photos) from around the fellowship and publish it. You may work with smaller offices to help them develop a web presence, and coordinate with other offices to develop / share resources and coordinate strategy.

You will be media savvy and great at writing for the web, and you may have skills in graphic design, image manipulation, information architecture, content strategy, social media marketing, video production, web technologies (e.g. WordPress, css, html), search engine optimisation, web security (keeping malware out), and web analytics packages.

IT Trainer

South East Asia / Information Technology / 1-11 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1343

We are an organisation that has been set up to equip and train people in IT skills and provide people with the skills they need to get better jobs. We provide software solutions and computer hardware maintenance services alongside a training program to provide IT vocational training for young people looking for jobs.

We require someone who has skills, experience and knowledge in IT to help with staff training and curriculum development for the IT courses that we are running. We are looking for a person who not only loves to share their IT knowledge but who desires to share their life and faith with the people they are working with.

Due to visa limitations this role is best suited as a short-term project (1-4 months). This could either be someone who is available just once, or someone who could return on a regular basis. Basic local language would be desirable, but it is possible to do the role using English.

Website and App Developer

West Asia / Information Technology / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 463

Many ministries in this country have websites and IT infrastructure, produce resources for churches and children, and communicate with their clients using various forms of media. These ministries have a vision to strengthen the local church, serve the local population and spread the good news in this 99.8% Muslim country.

People are heavy users of social media and smart phone usage is very high. Ministries here can expand their reach and impact by innovative use of technology. Bringing IT expertise and solutions to these organizations, by equipping them with new websites, new apps and new technology, will allow them to bring the gospel into communities and areas which may never have heard the Good News.

Applicants must have some experience in web, App and programming technologies. Specific technologies are not important but a willingness to learn and bring creative ideas is more important. A 1-year minimum commitment is required, longer is preferred.

Why not?

God had planted a question on our hearts … could we go long term?

After a half-hour bus ride past the stinking palm plantations, we walked a couple of kilometres to the local supermarket in the midday sun with the humidity soaring. As we walked around a deep dirty drain, I remember the exact spot where we asked each other, “could we do this long term?” We were serving for four months in Malaysia at a school for people with disabilities as part of our honeymoon. As newlyweds, God planted this seed and over the next four years He gave it life. He did this through his Word, through people He brought into our lives who had served in that part of the world, and through revealing to us the need to go to the unreached.

Sometimes we concentrate so much on asking, “why us?”, but maybe a different way of thinking is, “why not?” Why not go and serve alongside those who don’t live in a safe and materially blessed society as we do. We feel that God has given us 30 years of abundant blessings, so why not now use these blessings to bless others.

When we returned from serving short term, we were disheartened to hear it would be at least a two-year journey before we could depart to serve long term. However, we now see that this time of preparation is invaluable as He reveals His call and purpose, and will potentially save us from making many cultural blunders!

God has led us to West Asia. When we were in Melbourne for Partner orientation, we asked our host where she had served. We were amazed to hear that she had served in the country we were currently considering! We plan to spend the first year language learning and from there use our professional skills to serve refugees and children with disabilities.

Even before we arrive in the country we see fruit in the way God is shaping both us and our church family. We are seeing our local church engaged in kingdom work outside of Australia. People are now involved and excited to see the unreached have the opportunity to hear of His love.

God has also changed our hearts and is teaching us to put our faith into action as we move out of our home, pack up our belongings and rely on His provision. A wise Partner advised that during the challenging process of support raising, “keep your eyes fixed on West Asia and the support will come”. We have learnt to rest in Him.

Adam (IT/project management) and Penny* (special education) have just left Australia to serve the church in West Asia.

*Names have been changed.