Marketing Manager

South East Asia / Business / 12-23 months / Job ID: 1215

Located in a poor area of the city, the organisation endeavours to assist young men to stay in school while they learn life skills. Funds are raised for this by selling fair trade t-shirts printed with social and ecological justice issues. Youths earn a living while working flexible hours so that they can complete school. Shirts are sold locally and in many countries throughout the world.

Staff currently include young men who live in the urban poor communities of the capital. An estimated 40% of boys in these communities end up with drug habits as a response to the violence and destitution of their homes and neighbourhoods. This business offers opportunities for a change of direction and for new life. It needs a person with business acumen to take the company to the next level of profit, so it can increase the number of youths helped.

We are looking for an Expat Marketing Manager to take sales to a new level and implement sustainable sales channels for the future. The successful applicant would have a relevant Sales or Marketing degree, with a minimum 2 years’ work experience plus retail/fashion experience, POS production and photoshop skills, and would be savvy with social media. Sensitivity and compassion are also necessary.

Business Consultant

Central Asia / Business / 12-23 months / Job ID: 1453

We provide translation into English, Russian, and our local language. Our consulting services provide best practice seminars for factories, hotels, and other businesses.

We are open to someone who can assist in any area of business development from text editing, admin, marketing, website and social media.

Experience in business development or work with a startup is helpful. Admin skills, working with Excel, marketing. The person needs to be flexible in a changing environment, excited to learn about new cultures and languages, and willing to train others with a humble attitude.


South East Asia / Business / 2+ years / Job ID: 885

The growing economy of this country offers many opportunities for business. Many small businesses have been started in recent years.

There are opportunities for starting your own business or coming alongside local business people who need help. A suitable candidate would support local believers and churches in developing a business mindset and showing them how to be salt and light in the marketplace by being an example in your own business as well as providing business mentoring.

The qualified individual would have an entrepreneurial attitude and some management/finance/sales experience along with a willingness and creativity to develop their own role.


Other / Business / 2+ years / Job ID: 1449

This centre is run by a team of volunteers seeking to reach out to refugees across the city. They offer a range of services including German classes and humanitarian aid.

There is a great need to create jobs for refugees. The head of the centre has some business ideas but they would need to be researched and developed further.

Someone with a heart for refugees and entrepreneurial gifting. Knowledge of German or a willingness to learn German is also needed.


West Asia / Business / 2+ years / Job ID: 557

There is scope in this country for creative and experienced entrepreneurs. While not an easy place to do business, it can be profitable and the spiritual impact can be significant. With patience, investigation and consultation with those available on the ground, the local economy and needs can be understood.

A relatively high capital investment is required.

All the typical characteristics of entrepreneurs are needed, plus grace to operate in a cross-cultural setting.

Cafe Manager

Central Asia / Business / 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 750

This organisation provides a range of educational and social services to the community. It has a large ESL school with over 150 students, and the teaching staff is made up of both locals and expats. Beside the school they have recently opened a new cafe for students and staff.

The job involves managing a cafe for students and training staff. A desire to work with young people is important, and a willingness to teach English to students would also be helpful.

The ideal applicant will have qualifications in management studies and relevant work experience. Some overseas experience and ability to work well in a team environment would be ideal.

Designer/marketing consultant

Bangladesh / Business / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 772

At this social enterprise in Bangladesh, women gain job skills, develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, and experience Biblical values lived out. The business provides full time, dignified employment to these women at high risk for trafficking.

The ideal candidate should be able to identify local and unique design elements, design new products, assist in brand / website development,copywriting and social media activities, and design marketing materials.

Graphic design experience would be an advantage. S/he will practise a mature, sound Christian faith. Because the job entails working with very vulnerable women, a female would be the ideal candidate for this position, though a male candidate would be considered.

Sales Coordinator

South Asia / Business / 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1325

Through dignified work, this organisation provides a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing environment.

The Sales Coordinator will be involved in many aspects of sales including market analysis, design and implementation of procedures to streamline processes, communication with suppliers and customers, assisting with pricing strategies, working with the accounts department, and creating content for sales newsletters.

Applicants should be committed to business as mission and the pursuit of excellence, be able to work well as part of a team and encourage others, and have good organisational skills. A degree in sales or marketing and previous experience are required, as is a mature Christian faith.

Business Entrepreneur

South Asia / Business / 2+ years / Job ID: 182

There are opportunities to start new businesses in various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, export, retail, and services.

There is a need for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses, creating jobs and providing hope.

The right person would be entrepreneurial or have management, finance, sales/marketing or other business skills and be willing to start up or help grow new businesses.

Social Business Manager

South East Asia / Business / 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1441

Our mission is to respond to poor, marginalized and displaced people with holistic educational, therapeutic and creative projects to address their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Social Business Manager will develop and strategize with small business managers/owners to allow the business to stay current, profitable and for the vision to be a reality.

We need a motivated and responsible individual who is able to work independently, take initiative and meet deadlines. We are looking for a business person with experience in sales and strong communication skills.