Prayer request updates

Please pray for Partners’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

“I ask you to pray for [the Interserve Nepal team leader] and all Partners for their emotional difficulties. I am sure that all of our Partners carry a tremendous heaviness in their heart and mind. Please pray for God’s comfort and healing for them.”

– Chanwoo, Interserve Regional Director, South Asia

Please pray for Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). Pray for people sheltering in the football ground there, and for interim arrangements after impacts on the school buildings and power outages.

“Internet is very sporadic and mostly can’t get email but I am fine and most of the people we know are also.
The KISC guesthouse where [some staff] were living is condemned so they are staying with me plus four other young people from school. [Other Australian staff] are also okay.
Continued prayers would be good as we try to work out when to reopen school.”

– Yvonne, teacher at KISC

Please pray for remote areas

“Please pray for the remote areas which cannot get instant help like here in Kathmandu.”

– Rowan, INF

Please pray for daily needs

“Thanks for all your prayers.  As well as the relief effort, you could pray that some kind of normality returns to those of us who are less affected so that we can buy food, fuel etc, as everything is closed so far, just with people trying to cope with what’s happened.”

– Rowan, INF

“According to the Partner to whom I talked, everyone is doing OK. I asked them how they solve the food and drink. He told me, he cooked some food in his house when it seemed calm and they have some water to drink at the [building where they are]. And this building has a solar electric power, so he was able to charge his phone. But people in KISC building, they don’t have power now. Please keep on praying for this nation.”

– Chanwoo, Interserve Regional Director, South Asia