Medical Students/Elective

South Asia, Medical / Health, 1-11 months, Elective / Job ID: 261

This is a 60-bed mission hospital whose purpose is to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the local population.

There are opportunities for medical students at the hospital observing and participating in all functions of a physician commensurate with abilities. Only senior medical students are accepted.

The qualified student would be under staff physician supervision participating in all daily activities of ward rounds outpatient clinics surgery and emergency calls. In this challenging environment it is helpful to have a hardy personality and good sense of humor. An on-field commitment of at least one month is necessary. Medical students should be in their 4th year.

Medical student elective

South Asia, Medical / Health, 1-11 months, Elective / Job ID: 892

A busy obstetric and gynaecological centre with paediatric inpatient care for neonates and infants and outpatient care for under 5s this 100-bed hospital gives government-recognised midwifery training to young women from the Christian community.

There are opportunities for medical midwifery and nursing students at the hospital to observe and participate in all functions of a physician commensurate with abilities. Observership available in obstetrics gynaecology and neonatal paediatrics midwifery and paediatric nursing. Also opportunity for hands-on involvement.

Only female medical students are accepted due to the nature of the hospital. Junior Doctors with a few years experience particularly in paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology would be particularly useful. Students should be sensitive to cultural constraints and willing to fit in with expat and national staff.

Therapist (Physio/Occupation.)

South Asia, Medical / Health, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant, Elective / Job ID: 1463

This is a development project situated in a rural area. It has a training school for midwives nurses and community workers a community development work a research hub an English-speaking school up to age 16 and a 150-bed hospital (with obstetric gynaecology surgical medical and paediatric departments). There is also a Rehab department for children where mainly children with cerebral palsy are seen but also other children with disabilities. There is a clubfoot program and assistive devices are produced on location.

The project is seeking a physiotherapist or occupational therapist who can support the rehab team with training and with the management of patients with needs outside of the normal problems.

Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. Some clinical experience is preferred