KISC Equip (photo taken pre-earthquake)

Update from KISC

An update today from Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), which serves the expatriate and Nepali community. Several Interserve Partners and On Trackers are teachers at KISC. One Partner helps run KISC Equip, a project building capacity among Nepali teachers.

All KISC staff are well and accounted for, but the school itself has been closed since the earthquake.

KISC have a staff meeting today and plan to reopen tomorrow.  Study sessions are underway again.  Pray for staff and students as they process the events of the last several days.  The guesthouse is damaged and uninhabitable at the moment – Tonya writes “Accommodation is still uncertain, but we have very lovely friends who have opened their home to 6 of us from the guesthouse.  It’s been like a house party for the past few days.  Lots of laughs, shared meals and friendship.  Please keep praying for the situation in Nepal.”