“This is both a test of faith and resolve and a great opportunity to spread peace and hope.”

Adam & Kate, Middle East

Our world has been broken.

Yet we are woven together
as we face shared challenges.

Interserve June Appeal 2020

Our world has been broken.

Yet we are woven together
as we face shared challenges.

Interserve June Appeal 2020

Interserve is still serving alongside people on the margins.

Though our communities have been broken, we hear stories of lives transformed and hearts renewed…

Keeping hope alive

We’re seeing fear rising among those of all faiths and walks of life. This is both a test of faith and resolve and a great opportunity to spread peace and hope. Please pray that we’ll continue to be able to care for and pay our staff. The restrictions have halved our business, so we’re working hard to build retail sales and pay salaries. Many friends and family of our staff are losing their jobs. 

Yet, despite the circumstances, we’re seeing great encouragement. The staff – both Christians and Muslims – are bonding and leaning on each other more than ever. We’re feeling stretched, yet also seeing God transforming many lives.

Adam & Kate, Middle East


Through our hospital work, as you can probably imagine, we have been incredibly busy trying to adapt to such a new situation. We’ve also been doing lots of food distribution to the poor. 

One of the most important things about our witness is “with-ness” − being present with people, even from a distance. In all of our interactions, it’s helped to talk through fear with the healthcare providers and with the local people. Especially post-Easter, talking about the victory of Jesus over death, to so many people who are terrified of dying, has been awesome.

Kris, South Asia

Standing with refugees

The lockdown measures are hard-hitting for refugees. The work they had has vanished, and they are feeling isolated. Our centre work continues where possible. We’ve provided families with grocery gift cards with messages expressing care and concern. We cannot fix all their problems, but we hope they can feel our support during this time.

Joel & Erin, West Asia

Preparing our hospitals

At our hospital, we have repurposed our tuberculosis accommodation unit as isolation rooms. We have installed handwashing stations around the hospital for the general public and acquired PPE for our staff – some we made ourselves. We can provide oxygen, intravenous fluids, medicines and dedicated nursing care.

Geoff & Donna, South Asia

Packages of hope

Many here are fearful and anxious, even believers. Caregivers have refused to let their children leave their tiny homes, and Sunday School is cancelled. At Easter we delivered craft activities for children to do at home, to remind them of God’s amazing grace. Many of these families have lost their jobs, so we also sent care packages of rice, tinned food and eggs.

Dan & Rachel, South East Asia

Teaching remotely

In our Perth home, our school work continues online on Central Asian time. Since unexpectedly returning to Australia, Bruce’s biology teaching has continued uninterrupted. Sandra is providing English language support. We strongly desire to return when possible, and await God’s timing.

Bruce & Sandra, Central Asia

Amid uncertainty and fear, God’s promises offer a sure and certain hope.

We know and trust that God loves the world deeply (Jn 3:16). We also trust His call to love the world; being willing even to lay down our lives for others, just as Christ did for us (1 Jn 3:16).

If you are able to give at this time, we ask for your help.

The financial provision for our workers has been impacted, especially those serving overseas. Many supporters have lost income and the low Australian dollar significantly increases our costs of supporting workers in other currencies.

In faith, we are committed to providing for the needs of all our workers during this difficult time. To sustain our workers now and into the future, we need to raise $250,000 this June. This seems like a lot, but together we can do it.

Would you please prayerfully consider:

Giving a special gift to Interserve, to sustain all our workers who are serving people on the margins (tax deductible)

Giving an extra donation to support a worker you know

Because of you, Interserve workers are representing Jesus where good news is needed most. By God’s grace, we are woven together more than ever as we face shared challenges and craft a new future.

Thank you for being part of this work.