English Teacher

West Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 554

English teaching is currently the most accessible job in this country. Many schools at all levels (elementary secondary university and adult education) are seeking teachers who are native speakers of English or have good TEFL training. The nation is largely unreached and needs people who can shine the light to come and serve here.

Work for an ESL teacher is generally teaching classes preparing exercises and exams grading etc. Often speaking and listening skills are delegated to the foreign ESL teachers particularly. There are lots of opportunities with students plus interactions with parents and school administrators in which the Christian teacher can demonstrate love and show faith at work. These jobs provide work visa and residence permission plus good-to-excellent compensation.

The requirement for native speakers of English is an undergraduate degree in any subject plus a TEFL certificate. There are various ways to acquire the TEFL certification including taking an inexpensive and short online course. Appropriate experience is valuable but not required. A non-native English speaker should have a university degree in English or English Literature or Teaching English.

English teacher

West Asia, Education, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1584

A Christian publishing house and ministry for children produces books magazines Sunday School lessons and camp lesson booklets for children runs camps and teacher training programs and has a long-term vision for developing the church by reaching and discipling the next generation in this country.

This short-term position is for an ESL teacher (or a native English speaker able to help ESL learners) to give office ESL help to organization staff and leaders during work hours. This ESL at the desk is wanted by the staff to improve their capacity and allow greater access to training partnering working with outside organizations etc. ESL as ministry is needed here. The hours would be flexible depending on how many staff and how much work time they can give to ESL improvement.

A person with a heart for integrating their skills in teaching English and personal relationships with a calling to spread the Good News. A willingness to work cross-culturally with the Director and others on staff who are local citizens and believers. Creativity passion and flexibility are all good characteristics.

Korean teacher

West Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 1552

A Korean Culture Center in West Asia has variety of language learning and cultural activities going including summer language camp with the goal to lower barriers build trust and shine into the culture of this nation particularly the young people. These programs have been effective at helping students learn Korean have fun and get connected to people of faith.

A Korean teacher is needed to join the staff of the culture center and help with all aspects of the programs and outreach. The job involves teaching Korean building relationships and sharing truth and love. The position starts July 15th or later.

The person will enjoy explaining Korean to KSL students who are at various levels will enjoy people and building relationships inside and outside the lessons will enjoy learning local culture and celebrations while demonstrating and explaining aspects of Korean culture and will be sensitive and open to sharing good news as opportunities come.

Graduate Student

West Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 101

This large and unreached country has many good-quality English-medium universities offering Masters and PhD degrees in many different subject areas (English is the language of instruction reading/research and examination). Many of these are located in the large cosmopolitan cities.

There is scope for university graduate students to do Masters and PhD degree programs here and have a ministry to local and other international students. Both full-program enrollment as well as exchange status for 6 months or 1 year are possible. For exchange students European placements may be found through the Erasmus Program and American placements may be possible through the Fullbright Program.

The ideal student for this job has a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and desires to lead others into such a relationship. They are willing to live in the dorms hang out together share meals and study times and do life with the local students. If you are a follower of Jesus interested in earning an advanced degree while living among and building relationships with local and international graduate students this is a great opportunity to make Kingdom impact.

Website and App Developer

West Asia, Information Technology, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 463

Many ministries in this country have websites and IT infrastructure produce resources for churches and children and communicate with their clients using various forms of media. These ministries have a vision to strengthen the local church serve the local population and spread the Good News in this 99.8 Muslim country.

People are heavy users of social media and smart phone usage is very high. Ministries here can expand their reach and impact by innovative use of technology. Bringing IT expertise and solutions to these organizations by equipping them with new websites new apps and new technology will allow them to bring the gospel into communities and areas which may never have heard the Good News.

Applicants must have some experience in web App and programming technologies. Specific technologies are not important but a willingness to learn and bring creative ideas is more important. A 1-year minimum commitment is required longer is preferred.


West Asia, Business, 2+ years / Job ID: 557

There is scope in this country for creative and experienced entrepreneurs. While its not an easy place to do business it can be profitable and the spiritual impact can be significant. With patience investigation and consultation with those available on the ground the local economy and needs can be understood.

A relatively high capital investment is required. The best approach is to begin with a job working for a local company for example as an international marketing manager or specialist. Local companies are eager to improve their exports. BAM requires a serious long-term commitment.

All the typical characteristics of entrepreneurs are needed plus grace to operate in a cross-cultural setting.

University student

West Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 558

University students are among the most open and accessible segments of this highly unreached country. By studying here and doing life with local university students you can reach peers who have never heard the Gospel in a meaningful way.

There is a lot of scope for undergraduate students to study at a number of good English-speaking universities in this country. Some of these schools offer accredited degrees in a wide variety of subject areas.

The ideal students for this job have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and desire to lead others into such a relationship. They are willing to live in the dorms hang out together share meals and study times and do life with the local students.

Youth Worker

West Asia, Theology / Church, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 560

The churches in the major cities in this land need help with developing youth ministry. Reaching the youth and discipling them is a big need.

A significant focus for the churches in this country is providing ministry and support for teens. There is very little being done and its a significant need. Those with skill and focus on this age-group can work even while they are learning language.

Applicants should have experience in youth work be initiators and self-starters have the desire and calling to work with youth and teens and have the ability to work with others under the authority of a pastor or other leader.


West Asia, Other, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 561

This ministry was started by some of our partners in 2014 to address the long-term impact of childhood abuse which is rampant in the local and refugee communities. This is a non-official group including a few licensed counsellors.

There is need among the expatriate national and refugee communities for counsellors. This country has a high attrition rate among its expatriate workers and counsellors can help stem the flow. There are also enormous needs in the local community which could be addressed by a qualified counsellor. This job could be done through the local or international church or independently.

We are looking for a short-term licensed counsellor who can help with English-speaking expats and nationals or a long-term counsellor who can learn the language and get involved at a deeper level.

English speaker

West Asia, Other, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1375

Those in cross-cultural service need English to communicate well within their organization and beyond. Yet some from new sending countries have only minimal English and feel handicapped by this. They desire to improve through conversational English and daily practice but need a native speaker to come and work with them and their children.

You would work directly with these partners on English language skills with emphasis on speaking and listening and vocabulary building run conversational English groups personal times with each adult play learning for the children (songs games etc). It involves doing life in English each day together sharing not just language but friendship and partnership in the work.

A person is needed who can embed within the team and help these workers (and their kids) practise and improve their English. Patience creativity people-awareness sensitivity to other cultures and a servant heart are all needed.