Community Development Worker

South East Asia, Community Development, 1-11 months / Job ID: 883

A number of NGOs are involved in development initiatives in cities and rural areas across this country where there are many physical and social needs. Poverty lack of education and inadequate medical services prevail.

There are opportunities for highly qualified community development workers to come alongside with professional training to support national initiatives in areas such as sanitation agriculture and healthcare education and income generation. Visas are very difficult to obtain for these jobs though so the person should be flexible about doing other jobs or be willing to be under a business visa.

The qualified candidate must have a heart to learn and serve the ability to relate across cultures and in difficult contexts and a willingness to learn the local language and culture to a high level. Having appropriate training and experience in community development s/he will be a team player with a commitment to community engagement and empowerment.

English Teacher/Trainer

South East Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant / Job ID: 1342

A private English language training center provides fun lessons for Kindergarten and primary children teens and adults.

We are looking for native English speakers who are willing to teach English give training to teachers and help with curriculum development.

In order to obtain a long-term visa for this role an undergraduate degree and either 5 years experience or a TESOL/CELTA certificate is required.


South East Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1366

The school is a Private National Plus and non-denominational school. Our aim is to educate students with not only tangible knowledge for their future but also life skills which can never be learned from books alone. We emphasize both the growth of the childs intellect and also more importantly the character of the child.

A teacher is needed for Maths Science and English subjects all taught in English medium. A basic level of local language will be required.

We want someone who enjoys teaching and interacting with kids and building community. A degree in the general area of one of the subjects — maths science or English — is required. A teaching qualification and experience is helpful but not required.Candidates also need to be flexible reasonably independent and have a pioneer mentality.


South East Asia, Business, 2+ years / Job ID: 885

The growing economy of this country offers many opportunities for business. Many small businesses have been started in recent years.

There are opportunities for starting your own business or coming alongside local business people who need help. A suitable candidate would support local believers and churches in developing a business mindset and showing them how to be salt and light in the marketplace by being an example in your own business as well as providing business mentoring.

The qualified individual would have an entrepreneurial attitude and some management/finance/sales experience along with a willingness and creativity to develop their own role.

Communication Worker

South East Asia, Media, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1090

The goal of this small grassroots community development organisation is to help people grow to their full potential through holistic transformation educational social economic and spiritual. It runs a preschool and after-school learning-support activities with over 200 children in 7 villages micro-credit activities and training support for the parents.

The organisation is seeking to stabilise its financial situation and communication materials are needed. The person would help to make a communication strategy and to create newsletters video clips and weblog accordingly for both the organisation and for its leaders. Ideally this person would also help with proposal writing for fundraising. This person will go along to all activities and help in a practical way while gathering real-life stories within the organisation and from people in the villages for communication materials.

We are seeking a native English- or Dutch-speaking person who may have a formal educational background in communication or fundraising though this is not essential. The person will preferably be young (under 35 say) and outgoing so s/he can gather stories and video materials easily and connect well to the team members who are all young. S/he needs to be physically fit and willing to travel on the back of a motorbike.

English Teacher

South East Asia, Education, 1-11 months, 12-23 months / Job ID: 875

The organisation is a small private English language centre with about 130 students. There are private classes English conversation classes in small groups and classes given for companies. The organisation is hoping to grow in order to support ministry in the region and to open up ways for foreigners to work in the country.

The centre is seeking native English speakers who are willing to teach English and give training to teachers. Non-native English speakers who are fluent in English and have TESOL qualifications will also be considered.

An educational background would be beneficial but is not essential as curriculum is provided and is very straightforward. The placement is best suited to a couple or two singles coming together.

IT Trainer

South East Asia, Information Technology, 1-11 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1343

We are an organisation that has been set up to equip and train people in IT skills and provide people with the skills they need to get better jobs. We provide software solutions and computer hardware maintenance services alongside a training program to provide IT vocational training for young people looking for jobs.

We require someone who has skills experience and knowledge in IT to help with staff training and curriculum development for the IT courses that we are running. We are looking for a person who not only loves to share their IT knowledge but who desires to share their life and faith with the people they are working with.

Due to visa limitations this role is best suited as a short-term project (1-4 months). This could either be someone who is available just once or someone who could return on a regular basis. Basic local language would be desirable but it is possible to do the role using English.


South East Asia, Education, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1088

The goal of this small grassroots community development organisation is to help people grow to their full potential through holistic transformation — educational social economic and spiritual. It runs a preschool and after-school learning-support activities with over 200 children in 7 villages micro-credit activities and training support for the parents.

The local teachers love their job and teach with passion but they can still learn a lot of skills and teaching techniques which will help them be even better teachers. They are eager to learn from a well-trained teacher. The appointee will give teacher training both on the job and in small groups. As well s/he will give hands-on help to the team when they organise educational activities like camps outings or sports days. A practical placement for teacher training may be possible.

We need a qualified preschool or elementary school teacher who is eager to share their knowledge in a simple format. They should be open and flexible and keen for adventure. They should be physically fit — travel to the villages is on the back of a motorbike

Assistant Pastor

South East Asia, Theology / Church, 1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years / Job ID: 1586

A small international fellowship was set up 13 years ago by some overseas workers. The congregation is a mix of overseas workers who are in the city for ministry and business refugees and local believers who like to interact with foreigners. On a regular Sunday there are usually 40 adults and 25 children. There is no membership and it is not an official church thus only has Sunday services and Sunday school. It is a warm and easy-going community of people.

The Assistant Pastor will help to pastor the fellowship with main role being to preach regularly (2-3 times a month). The Senior Pastor holds overall responsibility for the fellowship. The second role is to support the community members through visiting counseling and practical support. There would also be opportunities at times to support local churches or believers. It could be a good placement for a couple with the wife helping with Sunday school and member care for local and overseas workers.

The person should be a man with an educational background in theology and mission and with experience in pastoring and in living overseas. The person needs to be excited to learn local culture and language but could function with English. A flexible and serving attitude is required.

Agriculture Advisor

South East Asia, Agriculture, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1588

One of our partners owns a pineapple field where community development and outreach is combined with farming. It is not yet a proper organization but is run by a few local workers.

An advisor could help with visiting pineapple farms doing business research for opportunities for selling and processing the pineapples giving input to groups of 10 pineapple farmers about variety fertilizers and soil cultivation and encouraging and mentoring local farmers.

The person should be male. He should have an agriculture and business background. Since he needs to travel locally a lot he needs to be flexible healthy and able to cope with the heat in the pineapple farms. This person needs to come alongside and serve with a flexible attitude.